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This page is for any boat owner with a boat moored at Bow Bridge Marina to re-cycle (in other words give away) their unwanted boat bits rather than throw them away and thus perhaps do someone a favour in the process. All items on this page will cost the advertiser or the acquirer zilch, nada, or in plain english, absolutely nothing! However, a donation by the acquirer of a loaf of bread for the swans would be gratefully accepted though not essential!


Now for the legal bit………..Bow Bridge Marina does not in any way certify or guarantee any of these items and cannot be held responsible for any defects, flaws or for public safety or liability when using any item acquired through this website.

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Selection of used fenders Well used in some cases but suitable for putting along the pontoons.

Gazebo Used but boxed and in reasonable condition. All parts intact as far as I know!